DEMO Bots Setup

Demo bots in your auto-trading software enables you to safely check a coin’s previous and current performance with play money. You get the results without risking a single cent, before you start LIVE bots (using your real money) for the coins the DEMO bots have shown you to be high-performers in giving you the average daily returns that you want. 


This is the most important step that you will take in the 9th Wonder Of The World system. DEMO Bots help you to do the following:


1. Enable you to try out different strategies to both minimise your risks and maximise your returns 


2. Provide you with alternative coins to immediately start LIVE bots on should you decide to close another LIVE bot to either take profit or stop losses.


Take The Following Steps

1. Look at Bitsgap’s Strategies in software

– Type “/USDT” into search box to filter coin pairs paired with USDT

– See recommended coins and their returns

– Choose 3 days backtest instead of month backtest

– Choose the coins with the highest 3-day returns



2. Check

– Type chosen coin’s name into

– If there are more than one coin with the same name, check bitsgap for coin’s current price to ensure you’re checking the right coin (2 different coins with the same name will be unlikely to have the same current price)

– Check to see if it’s in the Top 600

– Check to see if its 24-Hour Trading Volume is >USD1m

– If both criteria are not satisfied, drop the coin

– If only 24-hour Trading Volume is satisfied, consider for 9WOW+2 strategy



3. Bot Settings

– Click on orange “Start Bot” button or click on coin’s name in Strategies section

– Choose Grid Bot

– Choose Exchange

– Choose Coin Pair

– Type USD1,500 as capital

– Go to and register for an account

– Confirm +10 HP and -50 LP as your Price Range (or +20, -30 during a bull run)

– Enter coin’s current price in the current price field

– Copy Low Price and High Price seen in page, into Bitsgap bot LP and HP fields

– Turn Trailing Up and Pump Protection OFF

– Choose 0.5% as Grid Step Percentage (if allowed by Bitsgap)

– BackTest to see 1-day profit

– Repeat with 1.0%, and 1.5%

– Settle on Grip Step % that gives the highest profit



4. Start Bot

– Turn Trailing Up & Pump Protection ON

– Click on Continue

– Double check:

1) Exchange

2) Coin

3) Capital

4) Grid Step %

5) Trailing Up ON

6) Pump Protection ON

– Click on Start Bot



5. See Started Bot Row

– See how many transactions have been made

– Check to see if “TU” is shown on Status

– If not, modify bot and turn Trailing Up ON.



6. Wait 2-3 days for results


7. Post results in 9th Wonder Of The World Telegram group