Terms Of Service

Refunds On Our Service Fees


1. Our fees for the setting up of the cryptocurrency auto-trading system with a third party auto-trading software, training and other educational services on strategies and cryptocurrency setup parameters delivered to you by the team at 100PercentPassive.com are non-refundable due to the following:


1) The many hours of manual work and effort involved on our part to put the 100PercentPassive Income System together for you;


2) You will be in full control of this system once it’s set up for you as we do not possess your passwords and login details to the various platforms including the third party software and your crypto exchanges;


3) You will know the specific strategies and selected cryptocurrency assets we have been using to get our high ROIs.


2. Our fees will be refunded to you in full if the recommended third party auto-trading software is unable to be integrated with your respective crypto exchanges via their respective APIs at the beginning of the setup. Once they are properly set up, working and handed over to you, our fees are non-refundable.

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