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Rajan is my uni mate in the UK – we did our law degree there. 

I worked with him for about a year when he first started Brickfields College way back in 1991.  He was only 24 years old then. The College comprised just 2 floors in a standalone building with enough parking space for about 10 cars. 

Fast forward 30+ years, and his BAC Education Group now consists of 5 colleges in Malaysia and Singapore — Brickfields Asia College, IACT College, Reliance College, Veritas University College and BAC College (Singapore), with tens of thousands of students doing hundreds of degrees in various disciplines. 

And you would no doubt have seen BAC ads everywhere you go, at all hours of the day. 

On this LIVE ZOOM Chat, you’ll discover:

* How he successfully navigated the huge challenges caused by COVID lockdowns

* How he stayed relevant in the face of adversity that includes re-inventing how education is delivered, and reinventing e-learning itself

* How he built an organisation that not only delivers education, but also a huge impact on the other major aspects of our lives

* The 12 Pillars that have brought him huge success in his career that we can all follow

* And much, much more! 

The chat is scheduled for 90 minutes — but I suspect it’ll go on for longer, as I know him well. 

Nevertheless, one thing’s for sure — it’ll be one of the most rewarding sessions you will ever attend.