How NFTs Can Be 1,000 Times Bigger Than Bitcoin Ever Was, Is Or Will Be

In  2021, the art NFT collectibles space exploded with a force equivalent to 1,000 megatons of TNT.


Pieces from an art NFT collection that were originally given away for FREE were selling for millions and millions of dollars, giving an ROI of a mind-boggling tens of millions of percent.


No other type of asset in history could even come close to art NFTs’ performance.   

No, not even bitcoin.


In fact, some art NFTs gave more than 100x bitcoin’s returns — in less 1/10th the time it took bitcoin — making them more than 1,000x better than bitcoin ever was, is or will be.


How is this even possible?  


Sen Ze’sNFT FRENZY” provides the answer.



– What NFTs REALLY are 

Most people don’t really understand them even though they think they do. But if they do, they’ll immediately see that NFTs are one of the most important developments ever in our history


– How NFTs will rule over ALL the important aspects of our lives

NFTs will rule us from the time we are born to the time we are dead — and any time in betweenThis makes the NFT space the biggest space of all. 


 How we cannot escape NFTs’ clutches no matter how hard we try 

Changes are already taking place right now. Governments all over the world are either transitioning to NFTs or will soon be. NFTs will not only make their administration more efficient, but save them billions of dollars every year. 


 How anyone can profit very handsomely from NFTs

And do this with very low investments so that our chances of getting at least a multiple times returns on them in a fraction of the time of traditional assets are significantly increased 


– How some art NFTs can outperform bitcoin by 1,000x – 3,000x or more

And do this in 1/10th the time! 


– The 11 major factors that all came together in a perfect storm 

This resulted in some art NFT collectibles outperforming every single type of asset in the world by an insane margin.


– Why art NFT collectibles are one-of-a-kind 

And why they will likely continue to do so long into the future.


– The 2 reasons why you will likely NEVER see another type of asset like it ever again

They represent the 2 extremes that don’t normally come together this way, in any other asset.


And much, much more!

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