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Your purchase of the MoneyVerse + Life video NFTs comes with a membership to the MoneyVerse + Life Club. You can access this member area when you are connected via your Metamask wallet connection with at least 1 MoneyVerse + Life NFT. 


You will discover how money can be created from thin air, increase or decrease in value, multiply manifold very quickly, properly protected from potential losses, and much, much more.


Note that the content in MoneyVerse + Life Club are not created by financial advisors. If you’re looking for traditional financial advise, this is NOT the place for it. 


Financial advisors may not agree with our opinions. You should learn from as many experts as you can find, do your own research and then make your own decision as to how you wish to benefit from your knowledge.


The lessons in this MoneyVerse + Life Club member area differ from conventional investment wisdom in some ways. This is in part due to the new assets that came about only because of clever and ground-breaking technological innovations in the past few years. 


They not only created investment opportunities that would never exist otherwise, but also a new meaning of the word “risk” in investing which will empower many more people to become much richer, much quicker.


Yes, the new definition of an important concept can literally change your life. 


The information here are based only on our opinions and real-life experiences of what money is, can do, and can be. However, the MoneyVerse + Life Club cannot be responsible for your results. Please proceed with this in mind. 


With that said, it’s great having you onboard. The MoneyVerse + Life Club is always a work in progress and more lessons about money will be added to it over time. 


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